Baggy Pants Save the Day!

Have you ever wondered why feechiefolks don’t wear close-fitting garments? This guy’s experience helps explain.

The Slingshot Man

Rufus Hussey lived near Asheboro, North Carolina, and could do things with a slingshot that nobody else could do. This video must be from the eighties, from the looks of the Pepsi cans. A television host once asked, “Rufus, I understand you can knock a quarter out of the air with that thing! Is

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Feechie of the Week Returns! Python Hunters

It was my intention in this Feechie of the Week to highlight the brave python hunters of the Florida Everglades. As you may know, huge non-native pythons abound in the Everglades; many of them apparently got there in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew destroyed a python breeder’s facility and released untold numbers of snakes into the wild. Burmese pythons, as it turns out, love Florida as much as retirees love it. They have thrived there, multiplying and growing to fifteen feet and more. And like so many non-native species (including retirees), they’ve been wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. I’ve seen articles about a few of the fish and wildlife guys whose job is to hunt and kill the pythons in the Everglades. They’re interesting people, and they may be featured yet. But then I remembered something I had seen on Abraham Piper’s website, and the Florida python hunters, with their trucks and guns, paled by comparison.

Picture this: an African rock python has been carrying off your livestock by night and slithering back down its hole. What are you going to do about it? You might get hold of these old boys:

Notice there’s no truck or gun in this picture. These guys are old-school.

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Feechie of the Week: Lester Warner

It’s true: there are a couple of non-feechie details to the following story. One doesn’t think of feechiefolk sitting in recliners in the woods, for instance. Nevertheless, fans of feechiefolk will appreciate the spirit of Lester Warner of Dover Township, PA.

Mr. Warner is eighty-six years old and dying of metastatic prostate cancer. He

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Feechies of the Week: Catfish Noodlers

Chapter 15 of The Bark of the Bog Owl details a fishing trip in which Aidan and his feechie friends Doyno and Branko “grabble” catfish–which is to say, catch them with their hands. Not all readers realize that this is a real pastime among some of our more feechiefied friends and neighbors. It seems

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Feechie of the Week: Michael Dohanic

He’s mild-mannered. He’s soft-spoken. He’s an officer of the law, for crying out loud. He looks for all the world like a textbook example of a civilizer. But Michael Dohanic has got a feechie twinkle. And he lives with seven alligators. “They’re fairly well contained,” he says. Which I’m sure is a comfort to

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Feechie of the Week: Chito the Crocodile Whisperer

Florida is crawling with people who will let you watch them rassle an alligator if you buy a ticket. Those people have their reward in full. They need not aspire to the title of Feechie of the Week.

Chito is different. Chito, a Costa Rican fisherman, seems genuinely to love his crocodile Pocho. When

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Feechie of the Week: Alexander Alcantare, One-Armed Animal Lover

Our Feechie of the Week has a heart of gold and only one arm. This alligator bit it.

Alexander Alcantare is an animal lover. I daresay he loves animals too much. While trying to rescue some baby birds a few years back, he got tangled up with an electric fence and got so badly burned that his arm had to be amputated.

He could have used that other arm last week when his altruistic instincts again overpowered his common sense. He noticed that a seven-foot alligator in a Florida canal had an arrowhead stuck in its head. Wanting to help, he waded into the canal to catch said alligator and get it some medical attention. The alligator, being an alligator, attacked. It gave a nasty bite to Mr. Alcantare’s good arm.

“I couldn’t really handle him too good,” Mr Alcantare said. “The guy I asked to help me, he got scared and let go of the rope and since I couldn’t secure his mouth, he got me.”

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Feechie of the Week: Turtle Man

The Turtle Man of Kentucky. We may never again see such a perfect FotW.

Editor’s Note: At five and a half minutes, the Turtle Man video is a little long. I know, dear reader, that you’re a busy person. If you watch the first 45 seconds or so, you’re pretty much got the Turtle

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Feechie of the Week: Aaron Roughton's Dad

It’s a big day for I’m proud to present the first reader-submitted Feechie of the Week. Aaron Roughton, a regular around here, tells the story of his father’s capture of an alligator…with his bare hands. It’s a chilling tale. Don’t be put off by the fact that the story begins with an eighth-grade choir trip. Young Mr. Roughton soon proves his feechie bona fides.

Do you have a friend or loved one who has behaved in a feechiefied manner? Tell the story using the contact form to the right. He or she could be Feechie of the Week.

Now for Aaron’s story…

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